About the Patient Participation Group


Invitation to join our Patient Participation Group

Are you interested in finding out more about your GP Practice? Would you like to help influence the development of local health services? Do you have a few hours to spare every few months to work alongside your Practice, helping to improve services for patients just like you and your family?

We are looking to restart our Patient Participation Group and are keen to hear from any patients who might be interested.  No experience needed – just enthusiasm and a keenness to be a part of developing General Practice!

What is a Patient Participation Group?

A peer-led group of self-organising patients who:

  • Meet to discuss Practice issues and patient experience to help improve Primary Care services.
  • Are proactive and representative of the local community.
  • Look for solutions rather than problems.
  • Work with the Practice to offer the patient perspective on the service it provides.
  • Provide a means for patients to become more involved and make suggestions about the healthcare services they receive.
  • Gather the views of other local people to propose developments or change.

Who would be a good Patient Participation Group member?

We are particularly looking for people who have the following traits:

  • Good listener and collaborative
  • Not afraid to speak their mind and to speak up for people who do not have a voice
  • Solution rather than problem-focused, with a positive outlook
  • Able to come up with original ideas and follow-through on them
  • Has positive motivations to be involved, rather than just looking for a vehicle to voice complaints
  • Able to engage well in a group setting (either in person or via Zoom) and contribute verbally (or have a carer or technology to enable this)
  • Would benefit from learning new skills (e.g. to move into work or other voluntary opportunities – we would provide references)
  • Keen to meet new people

Why should I join a Patient Participation Group?

You will be able to influence the way in which your GP Practice is run, helping to bring about improvements and a better service. You will enable patients to be consulted about their care before decisions are made, and you will be part of a forum for suggesting positive ideas, voicing concerns and taking action. You will be able to plan services jointly with GPs and Practice staff to increase their effectiveness. It is also a great way to give something back, meet new people and learn new skills.


Want to know more?

Register your interest by completing our secure online form and one of our Practice Staff will get in touch with you.