Check and Cancel


New “Check and Cancel” option on our phone system

From Monday 17th June we will have a new option available on our phone system, that will allow you to check the date and time of any future appointments that you have booked with us (within the following 3 weeks) and will give you the option to cancel if the appointment is no longer needed.

This service will be available 24 hours a day, so gives you the option to check and/or cancel appointments outside of our opening hours.

You do not need a smartphone to use this feature but will need to be calling from a phone number that we have on your records. You will just need to enter your date of birth when prompted and you will then be able to listen to the details of your upcoming appointments.

If for some reason your appointment details cannot be found automatically, you will still be able to continue your call and speak to one of our reception team (during opening hours).

We hope that you will find this new feature useful.

Published: Jun 13, 2024