Every patient has a named GP. As a patient, you will be allocated to one of our GPs but please note that you have the option to see any GP you wish.

Dr David Winfield Dr David Winfield Senior Partner Dr William Crane Dr William Crane GP Partner Dr Shahida Yaqub Dr Shahida Yaqub GP Partner Dr Trevor Younger Dr Trevor Younger GP Partner Dr Manon Younger Dr Manon Younger GP Partner Dr Hannah Lee Dr Hannah Lee GP Partner Dr Jocelyn Male Dr Jocelyn Male Associate GP Dr Gemma Gibbon Dr Gemma Gibbon Associate GP Dr Michelle Tan Dr Michelle Tan Associate GP Dr Veronica Boon Dr Veronica Boon Associate GP Dr Georgia Kelley Dr Georgia Kelley Associate GP Dr Polly Rusby Dr Polly Rusby Associate GP Dr Ravi Patel Dr Ravi Patel Associate GP Dr Joshua Nowak Dr Joshua Nowak Associate GP Dr Lucy Cox Dr Lucy Cox GP Registrar